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Summer Season Leftovers

With the latest holiday now at a close, people across the world have plenty of food left over. In keeping with the spirit of giving, here are a few suggestions that you can take to keep from tossing out all … Continue reading

The Safer Seal

When most people consider food safety, they stop after the food is prepared or served. This line of thought is perfectly fine for those who prepare for families and other events, but distributors have a lot more to consider before … Continue reading

School Nutrition Association

Innoseal has seen considerable growth and expansion in its life, but there is always room to improve. The key though, is finding that catalyst which stimulates the type of growth you’re looking for. For some it may be expanding into … Continue reading

Innoseal 101

Tamper-evident packaging doesn’t need to be hard to come by. When it comes to wrapping of foods and other fresh products, safety will always come first. Of all the solutions available though, too many fail to show when a product … Continue reading