Honey as a Sugar Substitute in Bread?

Has anyone noticed how bread contains all sorts of weird things like sugar and high fructose corn syrup?  Sandwich bread isn’t even sweet and yet the “evil” sugar is in there…  As it turns out, sugar serves a purpose in the making of bread.  Sugar helps absorb excess moisture, delivers a better texture, and it activates the yeast for faster rising.

This can be troubling for people who are trying to stay away from processed sugar.  It seems as though sugar is in everything, making the fight for healthy choices that much more difficult.  In order to wrap my head around all of this, I started calling some local Charlotte bakeries and found that many of them have opted for honey!  Honey has a very similar makeup to that of sugar, and is an easy and healthy alternative without sacrificing the necessary role that sugar plays in the making of bread!  Even though honey contain sucrose, our bodies process it differently.

If you are thinking of using honey as a sugar substitute, do your research and look for raw or unprocessed, this will ensure that you get maximum health benefits!

Eat Safe and stay sweet!