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How To Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Coffee: one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, is a joy for many throughout the day and evening. It offers an array of rich flavors and satisfying sensations due to the explosive compounds it produces when the beans are roasted. However, maintaining the maximum potency of the flavors can be difficult if the storage is done improperly.

how to keep coffee beans fresh - innoseal
There are many popular misconceptions on the ways roasted coffee should be stored. So to shed to some light on the truth, here are a few select tips on how you can keep your coffee beans fresh without compromising the bold taste and awesome aroma.

Stay away from the light!

Keeping your coffee beans in an cool, airtight container helps preserve the natural flavor.

It’s important to avoid storing the beans in clear canisters because they will allow light to penetrate through the containers and compromise the taste of your coffee. The enemies of roasted coffee are typically moisture, air, heat, and light. Try to keep your beans in an easily accessible location but preferably a dark area like a pantry and not in direct sunlight.

how to keep coffee beans fresh - innoseal

To Freeze or Not to Freeze?

Coffee generally stays fresh for two weeks, but if you’re looking for long-term storage freezing your coffee beans is a good option as a one time only choice. This means that once you remove your coffee from the freezer, it can not be refrozen again. The frozen moisture on the coffee will eventual melt and is absorbed into the beans. The goal in freezing coffee is to keep it away from moisture; therefore the constant changes in temperature would defeat that purpose.

how to keep coffee beans fresh

Vacuum-Sealed Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, not everything vacuum sealed is going to be fresh. When coffee is being roasted it releases carbon dioxide for a few days. To be vacuum sealed, the coffee must released all of its CO2 or the bag can burst. The Professional Sealer Packaging solutions from Innoseal will help preserve coffee beans as well as ground coffee.

Buy whole beans

No one would ever purchase a birthday cake and cut it the day before it’s going to be served. The slices would become hard, stale, and even the frosting would dry out. The same goes for coffee in this manner! When you grind coffee it breaks up the beans and their oils exposing them to open oxygen. This process makes the coffee go stale a lot faster no matter what method of storage is used. For the best and most bold coffee flavors its smart to purchase your beans whole and store them in a sealed container. Only grind your beans prior to serving to maintain the freshness.

how to keep coffee beans fresh - innoseal

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