Is it ok to cut the mold out of bread and eat the rest?

The dreaded mold!  It’s a beast, right?  I mean you go through this mental ping pong “Is it ok, or should I chuck it, ok, chuck, ok, chuck….”  Whoa!  This is a lot of stress we put on ourselves to decide whether or not to eat bread, that just moments earlier, had the big foot equivalent growing on the outer rim!  You hate to waste food because it’s expensive, and is a little mold really going to hurt you?  I mean, sometimes you actually eat mold on purpose!  Turns out, there are thousands of different types of mold and many of them are harmful.

In essence, mold grows very similar to that of an oak tree, except in reverse.  It starts on the surface and sends threads or shoots deep inside.  On the outside of your food you see all those gross spores, which is what that lovely green and white junk is, but on the inside there is even more going on… Ugh!  This is important to understand because mold can cause a whole host of problems that range from respiratory to gastrointestinal. 

Whether or not you should eat moldy food depends on what kind of food it is.  Bread should always be thrown away, sorry guys!  Bread is very porous, and if you see mold on the the surface you should just throw away the entire loaf.  Hard cheese is fine as long as you cut at least an inch around and below the surface, but soft cheeses are a no go.  Fruits and vegetables are tricky because some moldy fruits contain mycotoxins.  Bottom line, if you’re unsure… just chuck it!

For more detailed information, check out the USDA’s website, they have an entire list of foods with instructions on what to do in the case of mold.

Eat Safe!