It’s a Cake Pop Revolution

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have no doubt eaten or at least heard of a cake pop. Cake pops are neither cake nor pop… they are both! Depending on which “how to” video you stumble upon, some folks process cake with a food processor right out of the oven until it turns into play dough consistency, while others will allow their cake to cool, crumble it, and add frosting to reach optimal texture. Whatever method you choose cake pops are here to stay, and lets face it, they’re fun, colorful, imaginative, and super yummy… we want them to stay!!!

By day, her name is Angie Dudley, by night she’s Bakerella! Angie had a single idea that all started with one baking class… cake balls on a stick. She added a little frosting to improve texture and dipped in some candy melt… voila! Cake Pops were born! Angie has gone on to improve her technique and even written a best selling book on how to make and master the art of cake pops. This is no small thing, Angie’s been on Martha Stewart! In addition, companies have popped up around the globe, manufacturing specialized equipment for cake pop making. Take Heavenly Cake Pops for example, they make an amazing machine that spins out perfectly rounded cake pops with just a few simple steps!

What makes cake pops so great? I mean, yes they taste amazing but it’s more than that… cake pops are special because you don’t have to be a culinary whiz to create them. You can make them with your kids, prepare them for a get together, the ingredients are simple and easily found, they’re accessible and don’t intimidate. Cake pops aren’t trying to be chocolate souffle, or an Apple Tarte Tatin. Sure, there’s a knack to making them but like anything, practice makes perfect! Go grab a box of cake mix and some frosting and be prepared to have fun!

Eat Safe and stay sweet!