Should Bakers use Stevia or Natural Sugar?

By now people should know that sugar isn’t so…. sweet…  I mean, sugar is really bad for our bodies and with overwhelming evidence that shows it’s linked to type II diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease its a wonder people are still consuming it at the rate they are.  There are tons of alternatives out there, but some of those have dangerous chemicals and negative side effects of their own.  Stevia, is one of the few natural sweeteners that is actually 100% natural and has some added benefits to consumption.

With so many folks jumping on the Stevia train, bakers have taken note and are doing their part in making healthier indulgences available to their customers.  The great thing about Stevia is that it doesn’t have that strange after taste that comes with artificial sweeteners, and there are Stevia products available on the market that has the same look and feel of real sugar, making it ideal for baking!

True Stevia is calorie free, sugar free, and chemical free but there are other options for folks that desire a healthier alternative to sugar.  Coconut palm sugar is “sort of” a new product available on the market and even though it contains calories and sucrose, it is shown to be lower on the glycemic index.  Whey Low, is an interesting alternative that is a combination of three sugar sources: sucrose, glucose, and lactose.  Alone these sugars are high in calories but when combined together they are not absorbed the same way and are lower on the glycemic index!

If you’re concerned about sugar and high fructose corn syrup, don’t worry, there are options and some of them are actually good!  Experiment, and when you find something you like… enjoy, but do so in moderation, that’s the key!

Eat Safe and be sweet!