How Schools can reduce waste

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Food waste is a major issue for schools across the countryone they should actively try to combat.

Schools can do this by using Innoseal. It is more than a sealer, it’s a food safety item. Innoseal works with a lot of schools to make reducing food waste easy. Our sealing system makes packaging food in appropriate portions a breeze. Innoseal is great for schools because it can easily be opened and helps keep certain foods separate. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable and Grab & Go programs can benefit from Innoseal’s ease of use and increased productivity.

Schools should also include students in the learning process of creating more sustainable food habits. Schools play a major role in a child’s nutrition. Many kids eat one, if not two meals at their school every day. It’s important that the meals they have access to are well-balanced and healthy. Through that, it’s pertinent that schools educate students about their role in the environment and how they can reduce food waste.

Here are some ways schools can change:

  • A big thing is initiating an offer, instead of serve, program. This gives students the option to say “yes” or “no” to some items and in turn, not waste unwanted food.
  • On that same token, give students more options. Something like sliced fruit is great.
  • The key is education, so make sure there are signs that promote awareness and tell students what’s in their meals.
  • Sharing tables are another great option where students can put food items they aren’t going to consume. Remember, all sharing table options must be wrapped or bagged.
  • Teach students about food waste through a school garden and compost leftover plant based food.

Schools should do a food waste assessment, address the issues one by one and consider implementing new food sealing procedures.

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