Best Bag Sealer for Concessions

Do you remember your first Friday night football game? If so, you probably also remember the snacks - maybe hot, boiled peanuts or freshly-made caramel popcorn? This portable, small bag sealer machine is a great solution for concessionaires, food trucks, and smaller street vendors.

Tamper Evident


Easy to Use


Trusted by concession stands, food entrepreneurs, and food trucks across the country, Innoseal is an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine that keeps food fresh.
Our convenient, resealable bag closure tape and paper combination means each sealed bag is tamper-evident. Innoseal is a plastic bag sealing machine that’s fast, simple, and safe.
LEARN MORE: When most people consider food safety, they stop after the food is prepared or served. This line of thought is perfectly fine for those who prepare for families and other events, but distributors have a lot more to consider before their job is done. Continue readinghere.