Cotton Candy Bag Sealing Machines

Easy, fast, and safe solution for sealing your cotton candy bags

Do you make that amazingly sweet and airy confection that we know to be cotton candy?  Oh man, talk about nostalgia!  When I see, smell, or taste cotton candy it takes me back to being a kid in the hot summers of SC.  It starts out completely intact on a cone, but after you start tearing it apart the texture sort of hardens and gets, dare I say, crispy!  I love cotton candy and it’s making a resurgence, you’re not just seeing it at fairs and carnivals, it’s everywhere.

Tamper Evident Bag Closure: Let the customer know they are the first to open the bag

Resealable: Enables your consumers to reseal the bags

Easy to Use: With only one fluid motion, our bag sealing machine is easy and effortless to use

Food Safety: Innoseal has the only tamper evident closure, making it ideal for food safety

Fast: When you’ve made a ton of cotton candy bags, the last thing you want to do is tie a knot in each one.  Trust Innoseal to get you to the finish line

Economic: Each roll of tape and paper provides approximately 850 seals

In addition, the Innoseal Bag Sealer is a great solution for concessionaires, food trucks, and smaller street vendors because it’s, small, light, and portable.  If you’ve been battling other sealing options and felt frustrated with the time and energy involved, give our product a try.  Check out our demos and see how easy the bag sealer is to use.

We want our product to work for you and your business, if you have any questions give our friendly staff a call, 1-866-958-4666, they’ll be happy to help!