Supermarket Deli & Bakery Bag Sealers

Easy, fast and safe solution for your supermarket deli & bakery packaging needs

Innoseal® offers your local supermarket and their in-store bakeries, produce and deli departments an easy, fast and safe solution for your packaging needs. The Innoseal Professional Sealer applies a resealable, tamper evident closure to plastic bags. Using a unique tape and paper closure, the Innoseal® system creates a virtual airtight seal to your food products.Watch your bottom line increase by saving labor in your Bakery Category using the Innoseal® system!

Tamper Evident Bag Closure: Let the customer know they are the first to open the bag

Resealable: Enables your consumers to reseal the bags

Easy to Use: Easy to open and reseal the bag without tearing the bag.

Food Safety: A tamper evident closure, making it ideal for food safety plus not locks or twist-ties laying around.

Fast: The last thing you want to do is tie a knot in each one or use a twist tie.

Economic: Each roll of tape and paper provides approximately 850 seals

With its unique design, Innoseal® reduces waste in your supermarket (no wire ties or plastic tabs on the floor or in and around food (food safety).

Innoseal® offers date coding and product traceability solutions for your Produce products!