Innoseal Bag Sealing Machine

How do I change rolls in my Innoseal bag sealing machine?

Load tape sticky side up – tape end hangs outside the casing

Paper travels through the paper channel into one of the wheel ports

Advance the wheel counter clockwise until the paper fits into one of the ports

Close the machine

Note: The first seal is lost, as the tape must attach to the paper. You have correctly fitted the new paper and tape roll if on the second closing you have a tape and paper seal. If not, then retrace above steps.

Where can I buy the Innoseal bag sealing machine and its refills?

Our products are carried by a wide variety of distributors. If your local supplier does not carry the InnoSealer Bag Closure System, please call one of our customer service representatives and we will gladly assist you.

Please contact us by e-mail:

Or by phone: 1-866.958.4666, toll free in North America.

How many closures can be applied with one set of refill?

Approximately 850 tamper evident closures per refill set

I changed my rolls and now I am unable to close the lid of the Innoseal bag sealing machine, why?

The reason that you may not be able to close the InnoSealer is probably caused by the improper installation of the adhesive tape roll. The adhesive tape roll has a special core that can only be inserted one way. One side of the roll is slotted and must be installed face down into the machine and then the lid can be closed normally.

When I Use my Innoseal bag sealing machine, I get a tape only closure, why?

This problem can be resolved by opening the InnoSealer machine and reinserting the paper into the feed wheel.

Does the Innoseal bag sealing machine Need to be cleaned?

Yes, the machine should be cleaned every 7,000 – 10,000 closures. Spray and/or wipe with an adhesive tape cleaner or mild cleanser on the inside of the InnoSealer Machine and wipe away any residue that may exist. Please note that your InnoSealer machine is also dishwasher safe.

This maintenance routine will keep your InnoSealer Machine fit and ready for another sealing cycle.

How do I clean and maintain my Innoseal bag sealing machine?

Follow the maintanance instructions below to keep your Innosealer clean and efficient:

Clean after every refill case used

Remove spring/blade assembly, wheel, tape, and paper

Spray or wipe with adhesive solvent or alcohol swab and wipe away residue

Clean outer casing with a mild cleanser(non abrasive)

Do not scrape out or scratch the plastic

How do I mount or affix my Innoseal bag sealing machine?

Follow the instructions below to learn how to mount or affix your InnoSealer properly:

Remove the two screws (one from each side of the Sealer) and put aside.

Holding onto the Sealer, pull or shake out the steel plate on the bottom. Position this plate where it is to be fixed.

Using the 4 holes on this bottom plate as your guide, fasten this steel plate in the position desired using the 4 flat head screws or bolts.

Place the InnoSealer back onto the plate and reinstall the two screws (in your first step) back on to each side of the sealer.