Best Bag Sealer for School Nutrition Services

School food service and nutrition departments have the most important job in the world - they feed and nourish the future. Our bag sealing tape machine applies tamper evident closures that are easy for students of all ages and abilities to open. 

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Trusted by some of America’s schools, districts, and educational leaders, Innoseal is an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine that keeps baked goods fresh for customers.
Our convenient, resealable bag closure tape and paper combination means each sealed bag is tamper-evident. Innoseal is a plastic bag sealing machine that’s fast, simple, and safe.
LEARN MORE: Food waste is a major issue for schools across the country—one they should actively try to combat. Schools can do this by using Innoseal. It is more than a sealer, it’s a food safety item. Innoseal works with a lot of schools to make reducing food waste easy. Keep readinghere.


Kim R. - Palm Beach County School Food Service

May 21, 2018 - Palm Beach County School Food Service is happy to share with you that our schools have had much success with the use of the Innoseal bag closing system. When we began using Innoseal we limited it to under 19 schools. However, due to the success and usefulness of the product expanded the availability of Innoseal to all 200 + school sites...