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The Innoseal® is a tamper evident bag closing solution which uses our unique, resealable tape and paper combination to seal bags. Fast, easy and safe, each Innoseal comes preloaded with closures.

Innoseal Professional Sealer Innoseal L Sealer (For larger/thicker bags) Innoseal XL Sealer 1"

The Innoseal®

Bag Sealing Solutions

The choice is Crystal Clear. Fast, easy and safe, each sealer comes preloaded with closures and ready to use.

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The Innoseal® Professional Sealer is perfect for sealing your bakery items. After placing your baked goods into a plastic bag, simply run your entire bag through the machine to keep your products fresh and safe with a tamper evident closure. 

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The Innoseal® system can be used in the harvesting fields for field packing or in packing houses for sealing Lettuce, Apples, Citrus, and a host of other fresh items. Innoseal®  provides both convenience, quality, and a speedy delivery.

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Food Service

Innoseal® offers School Food Service and Nutrition Departments an easy, fast, and safe solution for all of their food packaging needs. The Innoseal® Professional Sealer applies a Tamper Evident Closure that is Easy for the students to open. 

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The Innoseal® Bag Sealer is a great solution for concessionaires, food trucks, and smaller street vendors because it’s, small, light, and portable. If you’ve been battling other sealing options and felt frustrated with the time and energy involved, give our product a try.

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Innoseal® offers your local supermarket and their in-store bakeries, produce and deli departments an easy, fast and safe solution for your packaging needs. The Innoseal Professional Sealer applies a resealable, tamper evident closure to plastic bags.

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Semi-automatic taping of bouquets and flower bunches. No more hassle with rubber bands or other alternative closures. Elevated level of production, Consistent quality at a lower cost. Innoseal® offers a fast, low cost, and less labor intensive solution. 

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The Innoseal

The Choice is Crystal Clear

Innoseal® is so efficient that we can cut your production time in half while delivering a solid seal each time! This is because of the machine’s ergonomic design and use of our patented paper and tape. We take pride in the quality and design of our product and believe in the solution we offer because it’s superior to all the others.


"I have been using the system since 2004, we find that the Innoseal provides a safe and cost effective means to sealing our bread products.  Automating my sales process has dramatically increased my revenue, without a bunch of added effort. Who knew that by automating my customer journey, I could get more customers and have more time with my family"

J. Zeack