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Meet Innoseal® - an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine. Our convenient, resealable bag closure tape and paper combination means each sealed bag is tamper-evident. 


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Each Innoseal® poly bag sealer machine comes pre-loaded with closures. That means it’s good to go and ready to use the second you unwrap it. Read more fast facts in our Product Guide.

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There’s no warmer feeling than the taste of freshly-baked bread - or chocolate chip cookies. Keep your baked goods fresher, longer for your customers with Innoseal. With its compactness, convenience, and small footprint, our bread bag sealer is easy to store in tight spaces like kitchens and bakeries.  Learn More


School food service and nutrition departments have the most important job in the world - they feed and nourish the future. Our bag sealing tape machine applies tamper evident closures that are easy for students of all ages and abilities to open. Learn More

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Do you remember your first Friday night football game? If so, you probably also remember the snacks - maybe hot, boiled peanuts or freshly-made caramel popcorn? This portable, small bag sealer machine is a great solution for concessionaires, food trucks, and smaller street vendors. Learn More


Did you know the world has been shopping in supermarkets for close to 100 years now? Though a lot has changed in the supermarket experience, one thing hasn’t - customers want easy and safe packaging. The Innoseal polythene bag sealing machine offers supermarkets and their in-store bakeries, produce and deli departments a modern solution for an age-old packaging need. Learn More


Crisp, green lettuce and juicy, fresh apples are what dining dreams are made of. The Innoseal® system - with poly bag sealer tape and tape sealing machine - is used all over the world to optimize productivity and efficiency in harvesting fields packing houses for sealing fruits, vegetables, and a host of other fresh items. Learn More