Best Bag Sealer for Supermarkets

Did you know the world has been shopping in supermarkets for close to 100 years now? Though a lot has changed in the supermarket experience, one thing hasn’t - customers want easy and safe packaging. The Innoseal polythene bag sealing machine offers supermarkets and their in-store bakeries, produce and deli departments a modern solution for an age-old packaging need. 

  • Tamper Evident
  • Resealable
  • Easy to Use
  • Sustainable

    Trusted by some of America’s largest food providers, chain grocery stores, and local markets, Innoseal is an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine that keeps baked goods and produce fresh and safe.
    Our convenient, resealable bag closure tape and paper combination means each sealed bag is tamper-evident. Innoseal is a plastic bag sealing machine that’s fast, simple, and safe.
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    Innoseal Professional Sealer - 15928

    Innoseal Professional Sealer - 15928

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