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Our bag sealer machine system is changing the game with ease, efficiency, and savings

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Start sealing the second you unwrap it

Your time is important. Our tape and paper combination makes sealing a more efficient and effective process, saving you and your team time, energy, muscle, money. 

What makes it even easier? Each sealer machine is pre-loaded with closures which means you can start sealing immediately after it arrives. 

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Easy to Use

The tape and paper are easy to install, easy to use, easy to reorder.


From the tape to the machine itself, our system is both innovative and simple, durable and reliable, meaning very little - maybe even ZERO - maintenance.


Our sealing system delivers products to your customers that are tamper-evident and resealable guaranteeing safety and freshness.

Best in Class Customer Service

Your peace of mind with our products is important to us. Our team is easy to reach and happy to serve you.

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