Innoseal 101

Innoseal 101

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Tamper-evident packaging doesn’t need to be hard to come by. When it comes to wrapping of foods and other fresh products, safety will always come first. Of all the solutions available though, too many fail to show when a product was last sealed.

When a customer browses your aisles or goods, they need to be certain that what they’re looking at is fresh and quality. Even further, many products quickly degrade when they’ve been exposed to the open air. This visual degradation is bad for business and leaves a poor image of your business in the consumers mind.

Twist ties and tabs may provide a tight seal, but there is no way for a consumer to know that they are the first to open their package. To improve this, Innoseal offers a new look on this old problem. Delivering a safe, reliable, and fast method of creating tamper-evident sealed packages, Innoseal delivers where twist-ties can’t.

One of the unique benefits of the InnoSealer is its compact size. Taking up little table-space, it fits in both homes and businesses. This means bake sales and produce sections alike can give consumers that ultimate level of freshness. More than that though, you don’t need to dedicate an entire portion of your floor to simply sealing products.

When shipping or distributing these products, you have to consider how they hold up for extended periods of time. The trip from the shop to a customer’s counter can be a long one. On that trip, your goods are exposed to countless bacteria and plenty of less-than-ideal situations. The only way to protect them is through a reliable seal.

Capable of holding firm against even a 10 pound bag of ice, your goods stay exactly where you want them. On top of that, the virtually air-tight seal keeps produce green and tortillas fresh. Schools can package fresh veggies for students and restaurants can keep their extra ingredients as fresh as the day they were harvested.

By streamlining the sealing process through the use of the InnoSealer, your team spends less time fidgeting with ties and tabs and more time working. Simply pick up the wrapped good, give it a twirl, and run it through the InnoSealer for a tight and reliable seal.

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