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Meilleure scelleuse de sacs pour les services de restauration Les services de restauration et de nutrition des écoles ont la tâche la plus importante au monde : ils nourrissent et nourrissent l'avenir. Notre machine à ruban de scellage de sacs applique des fermetures inviolables qui sont faciles à ouvrir pour les étudiants de tous âges et de toutes capacités. InviolableRescellableFacile à utiliserSustai

School food service and nutrition departments have the most important job in the world - they feed and nourish the future. Our bag sealing tape machine applies tamper evident closures that are easy for students of all ages and abilities to open. 

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Innoseal the easiest bag sealer machine.

Trusted by some of America’s largest food providers, grocery stores, and markets, Innoseal is an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh, crisp, and healthy.
Our convenient, resealable bag closure tape and paper combination means each sealed bag is tamper-evident. Innoseal is a plastic bag sealing machine that’s fast, simple, and safe.

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