Innoseal the easiest bag sealer machine.

Innoseal® - The Easiest Bag Sealer Machine

Trusted by some of America’s largest food providers, chain grocery stores, and local markets, Innoseal is an easy, efficient, and modern bag sealing machine that keeps baked goods and produce fresh and safe.

How to Open the Innoseal Box

Do not cut the top of the box! You will damage the tape inside!

Unboxing your Innoseal Bag Sealer

How to Load the Innoseal Professional Sealer

Step by Step instructions on how to load your sealer.

How to Re-Seal the Innoseal Closure

You can reseal bags after they have been opened. Check out the video for the step by step.

How to Mount the Innoseal Professional Sealer

If you are mounting the Innosealer to a table or our Mounting Bracket, we make it very easy to place the sealer in the best place for you!

How to Clean the Innoseal Professional Sealer

A saturated wipe is a perfect way to clean our sealers. Also! Our sealers are dishwasher safe... as long as all of the components are out of it.

How to clean your innoseal profession sealer.
How to remove innoseal professional cutter block

How to Use the Cutter Block

The Cutter Block is for those who wish to remove the excess part of the bag after a seal has been made.

The Innosealer is Tough!

Don't worry about breaking out sealers, they are tough!