Our Vision

Our Philosophy is Simple: continue to provide effective, functional food safety packaging solutions utilizing the latest developments in technology and chemistry.

Our Mission

To help customers improve and streamline the sealing process through the use of the Innoseal System. We believe that tamper-evident packaging doesn’t need to be hard to come by. It should be fast, safe and easy to use.

Our Values

Cultivate raving fans

Support each other

Do the right thing

Have ownership mentality

Make it fun

We think big

Who we are

The company as we know it today started in the Netherlands before expanding to North America. Almost 20 years later, Innoseal is a leader in agile operations and serves customers in over 84 countries around the world with the support of almost 50 distributors.

We are creators.

We are technologists, engineers, chemists, designers. But, first and foremost, we are creators and creative thinkers driven to design cool, valuable solutions and proactively find better ways to do things.

We are problem solvers.

When you come to us and say you’d like something in blue, and we don’t make it in blue - we’ll figure out how to make it in blue. Problems are just opportunities to connect and create together.

We are relationship builders.

We removed the customer FAQ from our website because we wanted to talk to you, our customer - whether that was via chat window, telephone, or in-person. Because our relationship with you is vitally important to us.

We respond timely.

You’ll never wait on us. Enough said.

We answer every question.

Whatever the question - big, small, challenging, or straightforward, we’ll answer it - and we’ll most likely go beyond what you need or expect.

We find a couple of different solutions - and ask what’s best for you.

There are a lot of ways to find a unique, different, and valuable solution; we want to know what solution is best for you.

We speak as “we.”

Instead of pointing a finger at “you” or what “you” should do, we approach every question or problem as an opportunity to work together - as “we.”

We show; we do.

We can talk about this work all day, every day; instead - we choose to make it happen. We show, we train, we coach; we create it, we make it, we send it into the world.