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Save time and money with our safe resealable bag sealers. Try our sealer for 30 days ( money back guarantee ).

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Plastic bag sealed with resealable tape using our plastic bag sealer, enclosing fresh bread.

Save time & money

Our solution is efficient, saving you time, energy, muscle, and money.

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Save energy! Comes pre-
loaded and ready to use.


Resealable packaging for
customer satisfaction, safety,
and freshness.

Customer Service

Our team is easy to reach and
happy to serve you.

Heat Sealers aren't the only solutions.

Our bag sealers are pre-loaded with closures which means you can start sealing immediately after it arrives. Seals poly, perforated, or poly-mesh combo bags holding up to 10 pounds of weight.

Choose your sealer
Plastic bag sealer machine with resealable tape dispenser for sealing plastic bags

Bag sealers made to serve you


Keep your baked goods fresher

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Enhance field-to-pack efficiency for fresh product

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Great for street vendors and food trucks

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School Nutrition

Easy to open for kids of all ages

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Keep your tortillas and tostadas fresher longer

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